Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finally back

So, after a bit of a hiatus when Father and I were in California at a Byzantine Chant workshop (which was awesome by the way, and there will be more about that at a later date), we're back. There might be some changes to the blog (change in web address, that sort of thing is in the works, and a slight change in format) so keep your eyes out for that.

I found this really cool website that I'm looking into. I think it's important that, as Orthodox christians, we need to be conscious of the world around us, and especially in the giving of alms, or charity. And it's not enough to really just be aware of it, or look to a far away country that is in need (which is important too), but we need to look within our own country, especially our own city that we live in, because like it or not, we ARE a part of that community, and we should look to see what we can do for the people in need.

So here is the website. Check it out.

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